Harmonies for Healing

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CPBN, STAR PRODUCTIONS ANNOUNCE NATIONAL TELEVISION SERIES PRODUCTION LAUNCH OF “HARMONIES FOR HEALING: UNDER THE STREETLAMP” National public television three-part docu-series to center on singing competition in Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (CPBN) and Star Productions, LLC held a Town Hall event for special invited guests today at the legendary Star Plaza Theatre, to announce the production launch of the upcoming docu-series,  “Harmonies For Healing: Under the Streetlamp.” The docu-series will center on a singing competition in the communities of Lake County and Porter County (IN) and shine a spotlight on the undeniable power of music to inspire and affect positive change in the lives of individuals in their communities.   “Harmonies For Healing” is focusing on these two counties as a microcosm of America and using the singing competition featuring a wide age-range of participants (from high school to senior citizens) to inspire individuals to follow their dreams. The series will document the making of a “super group,” and will culminate with the “super group” joining forces with nationally lauded singing group Under the Streetlamp for a special live concert in August 2016 at the Star Plaza Theatre. The series is targeted for television broadcast early 2017.   “Harmonies For Healing” is a co-production of CPBN and renowned national concert producers and artist and venue management company, Star Productions, LLC.  Executive Producer and Creative Director Wendy Lambert is the series creator, and Star Productions, LLC President and CEO Charlie Blum is the series co-producer.  [Read More…]


Please Welcome Brandon Wardell to Under the Streetlamp

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Merrillville, IN–Under the Streetlamp, the hit concert celebration of the classic hits from the American Radio Songbook, is welcoming the newest member.   Beginning July 14th , Brandon Wardell, a Tony Award-winning and Grammy nominated producer and Broadway performer, best known for his performances in the Broadway casts of “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” “Assassins,” “Good Vibrations,” and “Catch Me If You Can,” as well as “Rent” at the Hollywood Bowl, will join the critically hailed quartet.  The concert is a celebration of classic American pop and rock ‘n’ roll hits from 1950s – 1970s, featuring tight harmonies and slick dance moves that transport audiences back to an era of sharkskin suits, flashy cars and martini shakers. A time when, on hot summer nights, people would gather under a streetlamp to sing.   Under the Streetlamp is currently on tour throughout the USA.  For upcoming performances and ticket information, visit   Classic hits first performed by Frankie Valli, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Bobby Darin and more are reborn for today’s audiences in this evening of great music and hilarious behind-the-scenes tales, complete with an exceptional 7-piece band composed of world-class musicians.  With irresistible rapport, Under the Streetlamp offers audiences the opportunity to get to know four critically acclaimed stars of stage and screen, Michael Ingersoll, Christopher Kale Jones, Brandon Wardell and Shonn Wiley. While each performer gets his moment in the spotlight, it is their synergy and charisma as a group that has drawn an extremely devoted[Read More…]

Cooking with Michael Ingersoll

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Any fans out there consider themselves ‘foodies’? Looking for some new recipes to try?   Michael Ingersoll here. I’m writing to you from the frozen tundra of lower Canada, otherwise know as Chicago, IL.  I am a serious home cook and a voracious watcher of the Food Network. If I weren’t in the music business, I’m sure I would have ended up in restaurants. I grew up working in restaurants; It’s an intense environment. I get a lot of my inspiration by watching folks like Alton Brown, Ina Garten, Rachel Ray (haters gonna hate, but I love her) and Bobby Flay. I also love America’s Test Kitchen on good ol’ PBS…I just discovered it this year. Where have I been?! This show, created by the editor of Cook’s Illustrated, magazine is one of the best out there. It actually endeavors to teach the home-cook how to improve his or her skills, which is rather novel, unfortunately, in this era of reality TV. (Reality TV is not my thing.) Recently I made a pork shoulder and cabbage stew using a base of home-made chicken stock. Fantastic! I’m also a big fan of the beef vegetable soup that my grandma taught me to make when I was a kid. I always make the stock from scratch using bones, vegetables and herbs. It makes a HUGE difference. Maybe we should start a recipe exchange on Facebook? Whaddaya think? I’ll be watching our page to see if anyone’s up for it.

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