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Any fans out there consider themselves ‘foodies’? Looking for some new recipes to try?   Michael Ingersoll here. I’m writing to you from the frozen tundra of lower Canada, otherwise know as Chicago, IL.  I am a serious home cook and a voracious watcher of the Food Network. If I weren’t in the music business, I’m sure I would have ended up in restaurants. I grew up working in restaurants; It’s an intense environment. I get a lot of my inspiration by watching folks like Alton Brown, Ina Garten, Rachel Ray (haters gonna hate, but I love her) and Bobby Flay. I also love America’s Test Kitchen on good ol’ PBS…I just discovered it this year. Where have I been?! This show, created by the editor of Cook’s Illustrated, magazine is one of the best out there. It actually endeavors to teach the home-cook how to improve his or her skills, which is rather novel, unfortunately, in this era of reality TV. (Reality TV is not my thing.) Recently I made a pork shoulder and cabbage stew using a base of home-made chicken stock. Fantastic! I’m also a big fan of the beef vegetable soup that my grandma taught me to make when I was a kid. I always make the stock from scratch using bones, vegetables and herbs. It makes a HUGE difference. Maybe we should start a recipe exchange on Facebook? Whaddaya think? I’ll be watching our page to see if anyone’s up for it.


Oh, what a night!

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Hot on the heels of this week’s opening of the Jersey Boys film, Four Seasons’  Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio met up with up and comers ‘Under the Streetlamp’ at Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium.  Inspired by their Four Seasons Idols, The Streetlamp boys (who all appeared in touring companies of the Jersey Boys shows) went on to form their own group which has been touring the country for two years performing hits from the American Radio Songbook. Streetlamp were enthralled to meet their heroes. Gaudio wrote and produced many of the Four Seasons hits.  Star Theatre’s Charlie Blum who manages Under the Streetlamp also promotes several US Frankie Valli dates including the Ryman show, arranged for the surprise historic meeting.  Highlights included some keen observations from Frankie and Bob, as Chris was surprised to learn that Frankie wanted to become a jazz singer at one time.  Shonn was inspired by Frankie’s story of  hard work and long hours the Four Seasons endured early in their career, long before the height of their success. As Shonn mentioned afterwards, “This notion that we will become masters at our craft by putting in the work  will pay off in the future.” And what about the show?  Here’s what Chris had to say: “It was so great seeing Frankie in concert. To still hold an audience in the palm of your hand is incredible and gives me something to aspire to.”

2014 Tour Update

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BIG NEWS! We are very happy to finally announce that an exciting television project we have been working on is now in initial development.  Because this unique opportunity requires our immediate attention, we had to reschedule some of our spring and early summer concert dates to the fall. “Despite the fabulous opportunity to work on another exciting television project, the show must go on!. We are fortunate to be able to reschedule these shows, allowing us to honor our commitment to you, the world’s greatest fans! Thanks for your understanding and support.  It looks like we will be working almost nonstop this year and we love that we still get to see so many of you!” Under the Streetlamp HERE IS THE LISTING OF RESCHEDULED SHOWS.  The May 8 Denver show has been rescheduled for Tuesday, October 21 at the Paramount Theatre The May 9 Wichita show has been rescheduled for Friday, December 5 at the Orpheum Theatre The May 13 Pittsburgh show has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 24 at the Byham Theatre The May 15 Philadelphia show has been rescheduled for Wednesday, November 5 at the Kimmel Center for Performing Arts The May 16 Hartford show has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 20 at the Bushnell Center for Performing Arts The June 1 Kansas City show has been rescheduled for Thursday, December 4 at the Midland The June 3 Columbus show has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 4 at the Palace Theatre The June 6 Des Moines show has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 11 at the Hoyt Sherman Place The June 7 St Louis show has been rescheduled for Sunday, October 12 at the Pageant Theatre The June 11 Peoria show has been rescheduled for Tuesday, October 7 at the Peoria Civic Center The June 12 Raleigh show has[Read More…]

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