Harmonies for Healing

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National public television three-part docu-series to center on singing competition in Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana

Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (CPBN) and Star Productions, LLC held a Town Hall event for special invited guests today at the legendary Star Plaza Theatre, to announce the production launch of the upcoming docu-series,  “Harmonies For Healing: Under the Streetlamp.” The docu-series will center on a singing competition in the communities of Lake County and Porter County (IN) and shine a spotlight on the undeniable power of music to inspire and affect positive change in the lives of individuals in their communities.


“Harmonies For Healing” is focusing on these two counties as a microcosm of America and using the singing competition featuring a wide age-range of participants (from high school to senior citizens) to inspire individuals to follow their dreams. The series will document the making of a “super group,” and will culminate with the “super group” joining forces with nationally lauded singing group Under the Streetlamp for a special live concert in August 2016 at the Star Plaza Theatre. The series is targeted for television broadcast early 2017.


“Harmonies For Healing” is a co-production of CPBN and renowned national concert producers and artist and venue management company, Star Productions, LLC.  Executive Producer and Creative Director Wendy Lambert is the series creator, and Star Productions, LLC President and CEO Charlie Blum is the series co-producer.


“We are excited at the opportunity to create something that uplifts peoples’ hearts and minds, a series that showcases positive changes made with lasting importance,” Ms. Lambert said. “By working with these two counties, we see the chance to create a truly inspirational, life-changing experience for individuals and their families.”


“The excitement being generated by ‘Harmonies For Healing’ will focus on the discovery of new talent, and giving that talent the opportunity to flourish and shine,” said Mr. Blum. “This is a way to give back and support local talent and provide a unique experience to express themselves through the harmony of music and collaboration. The reach of public television will allow us to shine a national spotlight on how this talent is developed.”


The three-part series will be presented as follows:


  • Part One—“The Healing Power of Music” documents the audition and selection process to be held at Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, IN during the week of June 20, 2016.


  • Part Two—“The Making of a Super Group” documents the winning participant’s vocal collaboration journey.


  • Part Three—“Bring It Home”, the series culminates with the “super group” performing live in concert with UTSL on Saturday August 13, 2016 at renowned Chicagoland music venue, Star Plaza Theatre.


The production and performance team will be led by Executive Producer Salli Frattini (19 years with MTV and Executive Producer of two Super Bowl halftime shows) and Musical Director Dennis “Doc” Williams (who has arranged/produced and/or performed on recording projects for The O’Jays, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Stephanie Mills, Backstreet Boyz and many more). The production will also include select musical icons who are willing to share a few words of their personal story with a nationwide public television audience, on how music has transformed their lives.


Details and information for competition eligibility, registration and auditioning are available at www.harmonies4healing.com.

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